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Frito is Margaret’s 8-year-old Registered Quarter Horse. She owned his mother and was there when he was born. For something that started out so small, he has grown, and grown, and grown!! Although Frito tops out over 16 hands, he thinks he is the size of a lap dog. He is western pleasure trained and has a great jog and lope. He is great for riders of all ages. He is used frequently for bareback and lounge lessons.

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We have had this wonderful 10-year-old AQHA gelding for 3 years. He is the ideal first horse because he is patient, willing, and forgiving. His gaits are smooth and he transitions easily - he is perfect for learning diagonals on! His positive attitude and love of a new job make him a favorite for riders beginner to advanced. He loves to play, and and gets along with everyone in the pasture. His sweet personality makes him a favorite of young and older riders alike!



Our 5-year-old quarter horse mare that we have had for 3 years. Besides being beautiful, her smooth gaits makes her very fun to ride! Her pace is even, and she likes to make sure her rider is safe. She is the boss in the pasture, but is obedient and willing with the students and instructors. She is great for intermediate riders and will teach the rider how to develop responsive hands.

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Bucky Barnes

Meet our super hero Bucky Barnes. This 7 year old Appendix QH gelding is probably the smartest, most willing animal I have ever worked with. He absolutely learns form each lesson, and just gets better and better. He is such a gentle soul, never testing his riders, just wanting to please and do the best job he possible can. He is always the first one waiting at the gate to come in and get ready to for lesson time - so sweet! His walk and canter and smooth enough for a beginner, and his natural athletic ability is admired and appropriated by our most advanced riders.



Beautiful, sweet, and did I mention beautiful? Our quarter horse princess loves children and her job. She is a dependable go-to for our beginners, but is responsive for our advanced riders. Love, love, love this mare!!!!

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Tribby is a Registered American Miniature Horse. He is 13 years old and is such a little characer. He thinks he is a big horse when he is out in the pasture, especially when someone tries to get next to his girlfriends! He is the star of the show with pony painting painting parties and our Farm Friends Package.


The Goat Herd

2 mama goats and 4 babies. They are sweet and noisy and we love them! Each one has such a big personality, and love to greet you and get a treat and a scratch. King of the hill is by far their favorite pastime, and they will remind you if you are 30 seconds late for breakfast or dinner feeding!


The Sheep Herd

We have 4 sheep, and hopefully a few more on the way! Our Katahdin-Dorper cross sheep are very gentle and eat out our hands. They also enjoy running through the pastures with our 4 year old visitors:) We picked them for their sturdy build and self shedding hair that makes them ideal for our hotter Georgia climate.

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The Chicken Flock

We have 6 Barred Rock laying hens. We selected this breed for their very gentle temperament, beautiful feather pattern and outstanding egg production. We just love our girls!

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Our 3 year old Sardinian miniature donkey, Cocoa may be one of our smallest pets, but she keeps our pasture safe from predators that are threats to the horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, and chickens, day and night. She loves treats, pets, or just to stand quietly next to you! As you can see in the picture, Cocoa has a little one on the way…we are hoping for a spotted mini mule...keep watching our web site and Facebook page for updates!



Our feisty, playful, and rapidly growing Karakachan. She can frequently be seen stealing horse brushes, riders release sheets, and riding crops into the field to snack on. She also believes she is much larger than she is, and is absolutely fearless when it comes to guarding the loves of her life - sheep and goats on the farm. She is maturing into a wonderful working dog, and is very sweet and friendly to all visitors. Basil aspires to be exactly like her role model, Lance.

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Our 8 year-old Anatolian Shepherd. We have had him since he was born at our farm in North Georgia. He protects everything on our farm and keeps all unwanted predators and intruders on the other side of the fence. He LOVES LOVES LOVES children! Beware, he will greet you with a kiss on the nose if you are at his eye level!



Our blue Doberman, and 5th child. He loves his family and is playful, sweet, and alert to unwanted guests. He loves children, and gives many, many, kisses. If you do not pet him in time, he will turn his rear end around, back into your leg, and sit on your foot. Hey, it's easy to miss an 80-pound dog, he understands!



Our 10 year old orange tabby farm cat, and hunter extraordinaire! My oldest son Josh saw him at a barn we were picking a horse up at and had to have him! He loves a scratch behind his ears, and can be making sure Max, our Doberman minds his manners! He stays close to the house, and his favorite spot is on Maya’s bed where he snuggles up at night.



Our newest addition! Juno came straight to us from the 13WMAZ parking lot on a rainy night. She can be seen making dives in front of the horses during lesson time, or walking on the top of the barn rafters. She is amusing to say the least!